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What is lost..

can never return.

Ciel Phantomhive
15 December
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CIEL ♚♚♚

King of the Chessboard

Nothing Lost Ever Returns

♚ Character Information:
Character Name: Ciel Phantomhive
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Canon Point: Post-Chapter 36
Age: 13
Sex: Male

♚ History:
Ciel was born into a aristocratic family called the Phantomhives. He was a happy child who loved his family with all his heart and was well loved in return. One night, however, all this was abruptly taken away from him. That night, on his tenth birthday, Ciel woke from his sleep to see that everything he had ever known or cared for had been ripped from his small hands. His home was burning, his mother and father laid dead along with their family dog, Sebastian, and hope seemed to be slowly fading even for Ciel. In a stroke of luck he and his butler, Takana, were the only ones to survive from the burning mansion.

Some would think it lucky Ciel lived, but luck was less on his side then one would think. After being orphaned by the fire the 10 year old was sold into slavery where he was branded with a hot iron, harassed, and used as a human sacrifice. During that dreaded month of torture he was forced into a life or death situation, leaving him the choice to make a dark deal with a demon. He took the contract. The demon was to become his butler, obey his every command, and destroy his enemies. The fiend was to take the appearance of his deceased father and the name of his dog, Sebastian, all in exchange for Ciel's soul. His right eye was branded with the contract and the deal was set.

After Sebastian helped rebuild Ciel's family home, the Phantomhive manor, they slowly sought servants. Takana returned to the home as a second butler, but he was not fully sufficient in his old age and loss of mind. The master and demon then sought a trio not for their skills as servants but as guards to protect his home with. They ended with Finnegan, an ex-test subject with inhuman strength, Maylene, an ex-assassin with exceptionally far eye sight, and Bard an ex-general with good leadership skills and a past in heavy weaponry. Though all of them were unfathomably poor at the jobs given, they were willing to give their lives to Ciel for he had saved them from their pasts.

It was not long until Ciel made a quick take over of his family's businesses, the Funtomhive toy and candy factory, as well his father's job as the queen's watch dog. He made great progress within the company, expanding it widely across the world and in it's divisions. The Funtomhive company became more profitable than ever in his guiding hands. As for his second and more secrative job he seemed to do well. He was easy to finish his investigations and loved to take the jobs from the Scotland yard, whom he found to be a joke. It was not until later on in this career that he began to fall in favor...
More in journal.

♚Player Information:

Player Name: Roki

Personal Journal: wingbroke

Contact: Cielfuntomhive @ aim.com